Japanese TerroirSAKE

“Tazinba” is a truly unique sake
that carries Japan’s unspoiled landscape to the world.

Plowing with horses, when people and horses work together in the rice fields “Tazinba” is a Japanese sake created from pesticide-free brewer’s rice grown in fields fertilized with the manure of grass-eating horses who then plow the soil using age-old techniques. Successive plowing with horses brings out the original essence of the soil, and the ensuing “Japanese Terroir” will carry the memory and taste of that soil into the future, ten years from now, a hundred years from now.

“Tazinba” sake therefore comes in two varieties, the “white” and the black,” that bring out the characteristics of this rice steeped in a “Japanese terroir.” The “Tazinba White” is crafted by the Tsunan Brewery which is local to where the rice is grown, and is a “Junmai Daiginjo” sake that is replete with the strength to live in a snow country that is also magical in its mountain streams and snowy landscapes. The “Tazinba Black” is crafted by the Shotoku Brewery based in Fushimi, Kyoto, and boasts a history going back to 1645. It uses a characteristic “Kimoto-Zukuri” style to bring out the taste of the rice itself and enhance natural flavors.

Tazinba” vividly reflects the hues of Japan’s unspoiled landscapes. It appeals to all the senses, whether in combination with ingredients or venison that have benefited from the best the land can offer, or local cuisine, in fact with any familiar food.

Tazinba SHIRO 2022
Tazinba SHIRO 2022
“Tsunan Sake Brewery” which is local to the rice field
brewing with signature technique of polishing rice
“Junmai Daiginjo” inspired in mountain streams and delicate snowflakes
Tazinba KURO 2022
Tazinba KURO 2022
Since 1645
“Shoutoku Shuzo” the historic brewery in Kyoto, Fushimi district,
bring out the taste of the rice itself and enhance natural flavors.


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